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Throwback Thursday! Homage to one of my childhood favourite cartoons which is American Dragon Jake Long. Sparked by the fact people seem to think Big Hero 6 is the first time an Asian American has starred in a Disney thing, as well as having an Asian American as a main character who is of mixed origins. Well, I present to you Jake Long. The mixed Asian American kid voiced by Dante Basco. (i love him)
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I was practising the painting style and Jake happened my childhood QvQ
I know I have a long way to go but I do not dislike how it ended up looking!
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Anonymous asked:
Why DID the AD art change for S2?


from an interview with the creators (not jeff goode, who created the initial concept, but matt negrete and eddie guzelian):

  • If you’ve read some of the earlier posts about American Dragon getting greenlit, you know that Matt and I had very little time to develop or even think very much about the show before it was thrust onto a very tight and unforgiving production schedule.
  • When American Dragon was green-lit for season two, the show was focus tested for a second time (for info on the first time, see Eddie’s first post). The Channel picked out a handful of episodes to show kids — in Denver, I think — in hopes of getting their honest opinion of what they saw. Most of what the kids thought about American Dragon didn’t surprise us. They generally liked the show, but felt that the comedy could be funnier, and that the action scenes should be more suspenseful. We couldn’t have agreed more. And yes, some felt Jake’s slang and bravado was a bit much. Again, agreed. But a couple of things surprised us: Some younger kids thought that Rose seemed a lot older than Jake. (One kid, after seeing “Act 4, Scene 15,” thought Rose was Jake’s babysitter – yikes!) Because of this perceived age difference, some were creeped out by the Jake/Rose relationship. Also surprising – kids didn’t like the Huntsman. And not because he was a villain. They didn’t understand who he was, where he came from, or what his goals were.

    So Eddie and I decided there were two things we wanted to do for Season Two – age up our main characters (to make them look the same age as Rose) and give the Huntsman one clear goal. That goal would be to destroy all magical creatures, and he would use the Aztec Crystal Skulls to do it. Ah, the villainy!

From Jeff Goode (his answer is pretty bullshitty but he wasnt really involved with it):

  • The art of American Dragon has been in a state of continuous development since the very beginning.

    However, the unusually long scheduling gap between the final episode of the first season and the beginning of the second season has forced the Disney Channel to repeatedly re-air the same few episodes (from the end of Season One) over and over for nearly a year now.

    Long time viewers who have become accustomed to the “look” of that small handful of episodes from the end of last season may be surprised to finally see new changes going into the second season.

    But once you get used to seeing new episodes again, I think you’ll find the stories in the new season every bit as exciting as when you fell in love with the show in the first place. And you’ll agree that the that the ongoing evolution of Jake’s character and artwork remains true to the philosophy of the show…That Dragons change over time.

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Anonymous asked:
do you think that Haley's dragons power developed earlier 'cause she knew through Jake that she was a dragon too so she used her dragon powers earlier? like Jake used dragon breath at age 7 too, but since he was unaware that he was a dragon and just thought it was an accident, he didn't get the chance to use his dragon powers/develop his dragon skills earlier. (sorry if this is such a long ask)

i mean their mom chalked haley’s development up to “girls development faster than boys” which seems pretty legitimate to me, to be honest, but i think the realization that there was this potential mystical side to her would’ve made littler!haley want to work hard to access it!

especially since, no matter what age they were, haley would not be comfortable with jake having such amazing powers while she had none hahahaha.

shykutie asked:
omg yes so true it would've been cool to see her hanging out with them from like the very beginning an to see her and trixie bond an try to get to know each other. an yes i wanted to know why the dark dragon was so bent on destruction of all the dragons an why chang an grandpa stopped being friends an yeah i agree girl friendships are so underrated probably cause half the time there is loads of drama i never liked the cheeleaders in the show though at all especially stacy ugh ?

i mean we did basically see why chang and grandpa stopped being friends! hahaha! i do kind of wish the creators were able to make chang jake’s grandma - i read in an interview that they wanted to but it didn’t fit with the timeline - i mean, man, they could’ve made it work somehow :\ it would’ve been interesting! or, if not that, it would’ve been nice to find out who jake’s grandma is!

also, would’ve liked to meet jake’s dad’s side of the family. learn a lil about them maybe :)

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shykutie asked:
hi i was wondering if you could change anything about american dragon jake long would you an if you did what kind of changes would you make to it i wish we got to see more jake an rose an learn why rotwood was such a nutcase an more about the main huntsman background an how come he was such a crazed person wanting to wipe away all magical creatures just saying ? :) :)

i just would’ve liked to know the history of the huntsclan!! and more about certain baddies - like, why was the dark dragon so bent on human destruction? i know the gist of it, but something must’ve happened to him, yknow? and does he have a human form? what does he look like?

and then it would’ve been nice to see rose hanging with the gang more. especially trixie! girl friendships are soooo underrated haha!

heroinechao asked:
Was Jake's actual birth date ever revealed? I've seen most people say it's September 11 but he's mentioned that he's a Pisces.

since jake didn’t have a birthday in any episode, i think that’s just a popular headcanon? unless there’s some interview with the creators that i don’t remember.

otherwise, it’s up to whatever you want it to be!