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yeah but jake’s imaginary son though,

Request, Rose from American Dragon.
I remember watching the show back in….2007-2008? But I honestly don’t remember any of the episodes. Sorry if I didn’t do her justice!
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Guess what I’ve been rewatching~
I never really know what to do with the backgrounds
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Commission for neopuff;; Thanks!
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haiducu asked:
Is there any chance for a season 3?(after 7 years...)

unfortunately, no there isnt! but we have what we have hahaha. maybe eddie guzelian or matt negrete will answer some questions about it someday :’D

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Last one for the night! American Dragon Jake Long #americandragon #jakelong #cool #comic #cartoon #cartoonetwork #anime #animation #webcomic #disney #drawing #nostalgia #nickelodeon #90s #art #artistoninstagram #illustration #drawing #characterdesign
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More old work of mine. Jake Long of American Dragon. My work’s improved a bit since this was done - but I’m struggling to motivate myself to make things to post. If anyone has any tips for getting out of a creative funk, I would gladly appreciate it! ^^
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[ whispers ] im gonna fuck the huntsman,
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