I was so freaking bored I hunted down this game I used to play years ago on Disney’s website and played it twice:



And now I’m really in the mood to watch American Dragon: Jake Long, so I’m gonna hunt it down and watch it. Or at least try to. 

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yeah same i miss rose's headbands in season 1 but her season 2 look is so adorable and cute but i do love trixie's look in the newer season though especially her outfit but i do love it suits her really i never liked the cheerleaders in season 2 though :P

ohhh yes, trixie’s outfit in s2 is 500x cuter than s1. especially her fancy dress haha!

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awesomeness another rose fan yayy i wish they didn't changed the way they had looked in season two but i grew to like the changes i liked trixie but rose eventually grew on me the whole love dislike thing between her and jake sigh so awesome :) :3

same!! trixie and spud looks especially awesome in s2, imo. i do miss rose’s headbands but her s2 hair is super cute too hahaha <3

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who was your favorite character on american dragon jake long and why also how did you get into the show and what did you first officially think of it. :)

rose is my favorite character :D i don’t remember exactly how or why i got into the show, it was soooooooo long ago, but i must’ve loved it cuz i distinctly remember calling up one of my friends to ask if they noticed that the art changed HAHAHA

"I don’t learn from my mistakes because I don’t make any mistakes. So I learn from Jake’s instead."
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chibi Jake&#160;!
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reminds me of when i first watched Disney channel ;u;
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