I miss old cartoons
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Anonymous asked:
hi! do you by any chance have any idea if the song that plays at the end of the ski trip episode (when rose asks jake if she can sit with him on the bus) exists, what's it called and or by whom is it? i've been looking for it for YEARS but I can't find it! thank you

tbh at this point i’m pretty sure it’s just a clip that was made for the show :\

either way, imdb lists these people as having done music for the episode: 

good luck looking!!

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#dante basco  

When u draw the American Dragon instead of writing ur essay that’s due tomorrow: Awwww man!!
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yeah but jake’s imaginary son though,

Request, Rose from American Dragon.
I remember watching the show back in….2007-2008? But I honestly don’t remember any of the episodes. Sorry if I didn’t do her justice!
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